I love this post. It's a total call-out and enabler for those who want to level up.

You made a few points that I wanted to expand on.

"People are sometimes amazed that I scarf down over 15 books a year." Maybe it's the foodie in me, but the operative word here is SCARF. People have no problem eating donuts, pizza, cakes, and other junk food, but won't consume the healthier stuff; and it's the same way I feel about info. People have no problem consuming Netflix, they know the score of all the past sports games...but they wont' make space for the helpful/eternally good info.

I also read somewhere that, similar to "riding the interest" you should only learn for what you need now.

A writer called it "just in time" learning versus "just in case" learning. It helps you narrow down the focus and get rid of the overwhelm. And when you learn what you can use right away, it'll reinforce your wanting to learn. If you learn "just in case" stuff, you'll have to learn it again, anyway, and it feels more costly and become a deterrant.

Keep writing, Brother. Love this stuff.

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Great article, Phil!

After I am still waiting for my profession in God's plan it seems that he guides me from theme to theme. I.E. Iast week I read a book about the Blood of Jesus, this week about the Courts of Heaven. Last month about Casting out Demons and about the meaning of my dreams and so on. I guess he wants that I am prepared for all situations. The more I know the more relaxed I become. And at the same time I can crucify my flesh, humble myself...badabing badaboom

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Very good. Thank you!

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