Dallas Willard's book "Renovation of the Heart" goes into this topic of dying to self in depth. It is the beginning, middle, and end of our sanctification, where we die to self and take up the cross to follow Jesus.

Our Pastor has a saying that I personally love: "Dead men don't flinch."

It's that condition where when I don’t get what I want does not surprise or offend me and has no control over me. Dead to self means I might not even notice some things others would: social slights, verbal put-downs, physical discomforts.

But to convince one's self to die and give up that "self" requires a sufficient vision of God's kingdom, and the value that it has that would make it worth it. In this light, the parable of the treasure in the field struck new meaning for me. The person who sold all their stuff to gain the treasure did not feel put out, did not do it begrudgingly: They did it with great joy, knowing what was to be gained--Much like Jesus, unto death, because he knew and believed the Father's plan and vision.

Anyway, shameless self-plug: I gave my first sermon recently on this very topic.



Very glad you started doing this. Happy to support you, Phil!

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Yes! I tried to comment last time! lol I shared with my women's group. It was such a great word, as is this! Wow! I threw my pen down when I read "God is trying to kill something in David that did not die in Saul." I went through a 7 year wilderness in the past, and God definitely killed many things that were not pleasing to Him that were in me. Thank you for this wonderful article.

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The timing of me reading this this morning is amazing. Extreme confirmation and has given me grace to endure . For context , I’ve been feeling the hand of the Lord on me in a way that has made me feel like I’m physically dying or that He hates me . I’ve felt like maybe I’m done like SAUL. My wife txted me two nights ago when I was out that my son Nehemiah (11 month old) flipped the Bible open to 1 Samuel. She felt it was interesting that he was so insistent on that specific book . This morning I was discouraged thinking maybe God is for real done with me . I walked to a park to just sit in my sorrow and try to find HIM and your article came . Thank you

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