I learned this acronym years ago: TOO BUSY: Totally Over Occupied Being Under Satan’s Yoke. We never see Jesus in a hurry, focused on the mission yes, but never in a hurry and only “busy” about His father’s business.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022

This is so timely! Yesterday evening I took my daughter on a "Mommy daughter date" (she had been asking for this a week or so.) In a house of 6, I knew spending quality alone time with me meant a lot to her. As we were driving off from our home she tells me how excited she is then grabs my hand to hold it and interlocked her fingers with mine. I felt like that was so sweet, special, and intimate that I started to cry a little bit, I assured her they were tears of joy. :) We had a great time! I could have washed dishes, clothes, worked on clients projects, or even scrolled online, but instead I stopped to spend quality time with my daughter.

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