This is why proximity and your environment matter so much.

If you're going to immerse yourself in the comfort zone, echo chamber, and status quo...you're set up for failure.

But if you want any shot at breaking through, being better, and be who God wants you to be...you need to step out in faith, and towards the people you aspire to be.

Get out the boat.

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Wow! So good and so true! This part was *mind-blown* "You see, when brokenness is your normalcy, that's all you'll see. That's all you're used to. That's all you know." As a minister I forget at times that not all believers know what true freedom is. There is a false freedom that they live in, but it is really bondage.. just like the Israelites wanted. Thank you for this reminder to continue to encourage (roll eyes ... lol jk) at fellow brothers and sisters in their walk with the Lord.

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